Canadian Salvation Army serving troops from canteen truck

On Sunday, March 22, 1885 The Salvation Army arrived in Ottawa with “heart to God and hand to man”.

The Salvation Army had been established as a Christian religion in England just 20 years before, dedicated to serving God through service to humanity, to meet human needs without discrimination

The “City” of Ottawa had been in existence for just 30 years. People were drawn to the corner of O’Connor and Sparks Streets by a procession of five men and four women, led by Capt. Bill Cooper, singing hymns and playing tambourines.

Despite their share of detractors, the meetings continued to be filled, and The Salvation Army began to administer its unique blend of “soup, soap and salvation” to those in need.

As the city grew, so did The Salvation Army. Today, The Salvation Army is the single largest non-governmental provider of social services in the City of Ottawa, operating more than 22 local programs and services.

Salvation Army officer showing compassion for homeless person

The Salvation Army continues to help those in need find comfort and protection. Those who know the value of its good works help to uphold it.

Over 130 years later The Salvation Army is still here, never losing its vision. There is still much need, but its determination remains steadfast. The Salvation Army remains committed to the citizens of Ottawa, now and in the future, “wherever there is a need”.

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