EDS Volunteer provides on scene assistance to a woman affected by disaster

The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services (“EDS”) is a core service of the Salvation Army around the world.

Always on-call and ready to respond, EDS Ottawa will deploy to disasters and emergencies 24/7. We provide victims, survivors and emergency personnel with immediate, on scene assistance with food, water, shelter, clothing, service referrals, and emotional and spiritual care – comfort in a time of crisis.

In Ottawa, the EDS program is funded entirely by the Salvation Army’s Annual Christmas Kettle Campaign. Our Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) program is run by volunteers, with support of one (1) full time Coordinator.

Under agreements with the City of Ottawa, our EDS team is responsible for providing support during personal and large disasters. EDS volunteers respond to a variety of incidents, from assisting Ottawa Police’s Victim Crisis Unit in supporting a client, to attending house fires, or larger disasters.

The EDS program responds to approximately 100 personal disaster assistance calls per year, which means that each team responds to approximately 2 per week when on call, and only the team members scheduled during that time are expected to respond.

Our team responds locally in the Ottawa area, and offers support across Ontario for larger disasters. Those who wish to take additional training to support national disasters are encouraged and supported in doing so.

About our EDS Teams

The structure of the EDS program is 4 teams made up of 10 people per team, with one (1) Team Leader, two (2) Assistant Team Leaders, with the remainder of the volunteers classified as Junior or Senior Volunteers.

Each team is on call 24/7 for a week at a time, on a 4 week rotation. When each team is on rotation, the on-call schedule is created in conjunction with the Team Leaders and the Volunteers, to ensure that there is always coverage. This coverage is arranged around work, school, and other commitments.

If you would like to learn more and/or volunteer with Emergency Disaster Services, please contact Craig Dunbar at 613-241-1573 x.301

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